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M.T. More Technologies Ltd. (hereinafter “More Technologies") is a private, young and dynamic company that deals in importing, marketing and distributing parts and accessories for the energy and chemical market in general and for industry in particular.
The distinguishing characteristic of the company is importing and marketing equipment that is used for hazardous substances, including fuel and gas applications. More Technologies offers its customers professional service that includes characterizing of the most suitable product and rapid delivery, usually from readily available and varied stock. The company also offers installation and maintenance services for the products that it imports.
The company focuses on importing quality products for uses that require international and Israeli standards, while maintaining high levels of materials.
The suppliers that the company has distribution agreements with are leaders in their field in the international market. Their products are highly reputed as top quality products.
The activity of More Technologies is based on reliability and excellence in quality and service, delivering a suitable product at a fair price, while keeping to schedules and understanding customer needs.
The company’s clientele is diverse and of a high quality, including domestic fuel and gas companies, as well as many institutes and industrial customers.
More Technologies is a member in a group of major companies in the energy and real estate fields.

The company’s offices and warehouse are located in Ashdod, near Ashdod Port.